X Years AsiX

Everything starts with a vision


Our customers and we also had the need to digitize various processes in the field of occupational safety and environmental protection.

We were aware that it was time to transfer the various models in Word and Excel into a modern digital system.

Fortunately, we were able to find a software developer in Robert Dollinger who was willing to walk the path with us.

Robert Dollinger klein

Our first AsiX modules


Since we already had the program „POS Plan“, the module Projects was our first AsiX module that we could present to our customers. With this, right from the start, POS plans (safety & health plans for building sites) can be automatically generated.

AsiX Tree

AsiX wants to be sold


In 2014, the focus was on sales: a product has to be sold.

We made product presentations all over the country, with great success: we met customers who were so excited that they wanted to buy the product right away.

AsiX Präsentation

Explaining AsiX in a video


Our first AsiX product video explains how you can have occupational safety and environmental protection under control with AsiX. Tasks are distributed, employees and processes are interconnected, measures are planned, documents, key figures and data are elaborated and stored - centrally, structured and clearly.

AsiX Video (in german)

AsiX Video

AsiX grows and grows


Our team is growing and growing and growing... AsiX now consists of three software developers and a sales representative, who are closely supported by two SYSTENT shareholders and consultants. This continuous and intensive exchange enables AsiX to be perfectly aligned with the needs of customers and consultants.

AsiX Team 2016

Overview of the data


From a occupational health and safety software to a management software: Key figures, data and facts need to be plotted for the management and executive level. We take our first steps with our dashboard.


The smartphone also work tool


Mobile First

The smartphone has become an indispensable part of everyday life and is becoming the focus of every further development. AsiX must also be clear and user-friendly on the smartphone.

Smartphone dashboard

X - Day


AsiX Managementsoftware 4.0 

We were finally able to present the new version of our software. For this we invited employees, customers and friends to Bad Schörgau. A fantastic evening with good food, nice conversations and great entertainment, thanks to Markus Gimbel and his bunny Laurin Durnholzer.

Video X-Day (in german)

X-Day Einladung

Data security is a top priority


Our data security was put to the test. We survived a hacker attack and our server structure and data security were so well positioned that our customers didn't notice anything.

We are one experience richer and of course we have improved our security system even further.


AsiX partnerships


We continue to grow - this time with our partners in northern Italy. AsiX is now also distributed to consulting companies in northern Italy so that they can use the management software when advising their customers.


We celebrate X years of AsiX


Many large and small developments make us the local market leader. The AsiX team now consists of ten permanent members: six software developers, one sales and one support employee and two in management. There are also occasional employees and trainees, who we are happy to support and train for a while.