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Now use the bookmarks to quickly access the lists or data of individual tasks, employees, work equipment, projects, customers, suppliers ... with whom you work most frequently and also to set them in the dashboard.

External links can also be add as bookmark in AsiX.

2021-12-15- FAvoritenmenü EN OK.png


Periodicity - suspend for certain months

For optimal control of the periodic tasks in your company, you now have the option of defining periodicities for tasks that can be suspended in individual months.

Thus, no task will be created for the selected months.

2021-11-23_Periodizität Monate auslassen_EN


New filter for the medical examination list

You can now also use the filter by status: "only the last completed medical examination" for an even better overview of the examination list.

This filter only takes into account the last completed examination of each employee.

2021-11-17_Status nur letzte erledigte Visite_EN richtig


New module Digital signing

Digitally signing documents quickly, easily and legally with AsiX. 

With this new module all documents and reports can be published via AsiX and signed digitally via PC, tablet or mobile phone without additional software. 

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Digitale Signatur


Mark courses as continuing education

You can now specifically mark the assigned qualification or training in a course as continuing education.

This gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself whether the training hours are counted as part of the basic or the continuing education.

2021-09-10 - Kurs als Weiterbildung kennzeichnen .png


Link materials - superior material

You can now link your materials with a "superior material" for an optimal overview of which material (devices, machines, trucks, loading arms, trailers ...) are used in combination with one another.

2021-09-09_Arbeitsmittel Verknüpfen _EN.png


Sorting representation of tasks in reports

Tasks that are integrated in reports can now be sorted by title, description, target date, responsible person and creation date.

Use this new setting for an optimized presentation of the tasks in your reports.

2021-09-06_Sortierung Darstellung der Aufgaben in Berichten_EN.png


Publish a personalized view for other users

You can now use the new function to publish your personalized views in order to make them available to other users.

Thus, each user can call up a list with the published views and select one or more views and copy them to his profile in order to have them available in his list.

2021-08-23_Personalisierte Ansicht veröffentlichen_EN

Cost centers for materials

With the work equipment you now also have the option of adding cost centers / multiple cost centers. You can then use this data as you wish via the Excel export.

2021-07-16_Kostenstellen Arbeitsmittel _EN.png

Multiple upload of documents and pictures from list

Save a lot of time in the future when uploading documents and images to Asix.

In the lists of employees, materials, tasks ... you can now upload several documents and images to a data record in the "Documents present" or "Images present" column without having to open the data record.

Sparen Sie in Zukunft viel Zeit beim Dokumenten- und Bilderupload in Asix.

In den Listen der Mitarbeiter, Arbeitsmittel, Aufgaben ... können Sie nun in der Spalte "Dokumente vorhanden" und " Bilder vorhanden" zu einem Datensatz mehrere Dokumente oder Bilder auf einmal hochladen, ohne den Datensatz öffnen zu müssen.

2021-07-16_Mehrfachupload Dokumente EN.png

Project - several contractors can be assigned

Do you have a project in which several contractors are involved?

You can now assign several contractors to the project so that this information about the project is included.

2021-07-16_mehrere Auftraggeber EN


Analysis - adjustable image size in reports

Now you can set the size of the images (small, medium, large) that you integrate in the reports of an analysis in the report.

This allows you to better control the positioning of the images on the report pages.

2021-06-30_Analyse - Bildgröße in Berichten einstellbar.png


Duplicate analyses

With our new function duplicate analyses, you can now save a lot of time when working on certain analyses, as you can now quickly and easily duplicate existing analyses in order to make only minor changes to the analysis.

This is particularly helpful if you want to analyse or update similar objects (e.g. components of machines) with similar results and conditions.

2021-06-18_Analyse duplizieren_EN


Employee list filter "Active period from / to"

Use the "Active period" filter in the employee list now.

This means that you can always see which employees were employed in your company in a certain period / on a certain date.

Mitarbeiterliste Filter aktiver Zeitraum_EN


Duration of courses - detailed information in hours and minutes

For detailed information on the duration of the training, you can now enter the hours / minutes in the course.

This means that you can now also create smaller units and take them into account in the training.



Extensions to Excel import templates

In the import templates where contact details such as email address or telephone number are entered, you can now also specify the corresponding category (private, work, emergency number ...) so that the contact details are assigned to the corresponding category during import.

Comments on suppliers / customers and their contact persons can now also be transferred to Asix using the import template so that additional information does not have to be added after the import.

2021-05-13_Importvorlagen weitere Daten_EN.png


Extension of hazardous substances

Activities can now be assigned directly to hazardous substances.

This means that it is possible to record which hazardous substance is used in which activity.

2021-05-12Taetigkeiten bei Gefahrstoffe verknüpfen_EN


Reset the password in the login mask

Forgot your AsiX password?

No problem, every AsiX user can now request a new password in the login mask.

Passwod Reset EN


AsiX-Maps: quickly localize tasks/materials/customers

Get an overview for better and faster organization and planning in teams. Transparency is an important component for working in a team.

Our additional function Asix-Maps will help you, is free of costs and shows you on the map:

  • Project locations, e.g. to localize open projects / construction sites
  • Company-owned real estate so that you can get a visual overview
  • Tasks for each branch / location / warehouse for which you are responsible, for a better overview and increased legal certainty
  • Employee locations, e.g. to organize car pools
  • Customer locations, for optimized planning of customer visits
  • Materials and associated tasks for planning maintenance technicians' assignments

25-03-2021Asix Maps


Process view - standard filter on open processes

So that you get an immediate overview of the currently relevant processes at the objects, only the open processes are shown by default in the process map for the objects (employees, work equipment, project ...)

Completed processes can be called up using the "Process status" filter.

2021-03-23_ Prozessstatus Filter offene_EN.png


Extension of filter options in the examination list

In the medical examination list there is now the filter "Completed on" (from / to). This enables you to specifically filter the completed examinations for a certain period of time.

Visite erledigt von -bis_EN.png


Optimization of processes: assign location, department, label ... before the process starts

Now you can assign locations, departments, labels ... even before the process starts, so that relevant data is transferred to all process tasks.

Optimierung Prozessstart


Put hazardous substances inactive

Now you can set inactive all the hazardous substances documented in AsiX that you no longer use, so that only the hazardous substances currently in use are displayed in the list.

 All data and documents on inactive hazardous substances remain preserved.

2021-01-26_Gefahrstoffe deaktivieren EN.png


Complement task report

You can already find some standard reports in AsiX and we are constantly optimizing them.

The relevant object (materials) is now also listed in the task report. In this way you can see whether the task report belongs to a certain material.

 We can program special reports for you. Just ask your advisor or contact us at

Aufgabenreport-Verknüpftes Objekt EN 3C


Title prefix optional at process start

The title prefix at the launch of the process can now also remain empty, so that you can freely decide whether you want to enter a title prefix or not.



Archive documents

Use the option to archive documents, so you can move outdated documents into the archive and they do not burden your system.

Optimierung Dokumente-Dokumente archivieren


Excel import

Use the new functions to import various existing information.

From now on, you can import many databases by yourself, with minimal costs for you. Get the Excel template directly from AsiX, your consultant will test the data for you and then import it.



Task filter process templates dashboard

You now have the option of filtering by process templates using the task filter in the dashboard.

This means that you can also display key figures for your processes in the dashboard.

Dashboard Aufgaben filter Prozessvorlage EN


Customized fields

Would you like to enter additional data for your materials, employees ...?

At the objects (e.g. employees, work equipment, projects ...) we can add additional customer-specific fields for your AsiX instance. You can also filter and search for these fields, and they are also taken into account in the export. Just ask your advisor or contact us at