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AsiX-Maps: quickly localize tasks/materials/customers

Get an overview for better and faster organization and planning in teams. Transparency is an important component for working in a team.

Our additional function Asix-Maps will help you, is free of costs and shows you on the map:

  • Project locations, e.g. to localize open projects / construction sites
  • Company-owned real estate so that you can get a visual overview
  • Tasks for each branch / location / warehouse for which you are responsible, for a better overview and increased legal certainty
  • Employee locations, e.g. to organize car pools
  • Customer locations, for optimized planning of customer visits
  • Materials and associated tasks for planning maintenance technicians' assignments

25-03-2021Asix Maps


Process view - standard filter on open processes

So that you get an immediate overview of the currently relevant processes at the objects, only the open processes are shown by default in the process map for the objects (employees, work equipment, project ...)

Completed processes can be called up using the "Process status" filter.

2021-03-23_ Prozessstatus Filter offene_EN.png


Extension of filter options in the examination list

In the medical examination list there is now the filter "Completed on" (from / to). This enables you to specifically filter the completed examinations for a certain period of time.

Visite erledigt von -bis_EN.png


Optimization of processes: assign location, department, label ... before the process starts

Now you can assign locations, departments, labels ... even before the process starts, so that relevant data is transferred to all process tasks.

Optimierung Prozessstart


Put hazardous substances inactive

Now you can set inactive all the hazardous substances documented in AsiX that you no longer use, so that only the hazardous substances currently in use are displayed in the list.

 All data and documents on inactive hazardous substances remain preserved.

2021-01-26_Gefahrstoffe deaktivieren EN.png


Complement task report

You can already find some standard reports in AsiX and we are constantly optimizing them.

The relevant object (materials) is now also listed in the task report. In this way you can see whether the task report belongs to a certain material.

 We can program special reports for you. Just ask your advisor or contact us at

Aufgabenreport-Verknüpftes Objekt EN 3C


Title prefix optional at process start

The title prefix at the launch of the process can now also remain empty, so that you can freely decide whether you want to enter a title prefix or not.



Archive documents

Use the option to archive documents, so you can move outdated documents into the archive and they do not burden your system.

Optimierung Dokumente-Dokumente archivieren


Excel import

Use the new functions to import various existing information.

From now on, you can import many databases by yourself, with minimal costs for you. Get the Excel template directly from AsiX, your consultant will test the data for you and then import it.



Task filter process templates dashboard

You now have the option of filtering by process templates using the task filter in the dashboard.

This means that you can also display key figures for your processes in the dashboard.

Dashboard Aufgaben filter Prozessvorlage EN


Customized fields

Would you like to enter additional data for your materials, employees ...?

At the objects (e.g. employees, work equipment, projects ...) we can add additional customer-specific fields for your AsiX instance. You can also filter and search for these fields, and they are also taken into account in the export. Just ask your advisor or contact us at