Innovations April 2020

Optimization processes

Personalize your processes: When starting a new process, you can now rename the title and adapt it to your personal requirements without changing the template.
Perhaps you have a process template that you only want to change slightly? Then you can now simply copy them using the "duplicate" function.
Prefix Prozess

Lock documents

Store documents securely: To prevent documents from being changed, deleted, moved or edited by any other user, there is now the option of locking documents. Only you can unlock these locked documents.
Dokumente sperren

Optimization documents

To make it easier to find documents, they can now be filtered according to the location of the linked object.
Documents can also be archived, so you can push outdated documents into the archive and they do not burden your system.
Optimierung Dokumente-Dokumente archivieren

Optimization analyses

Now tasks that have been created for a query point in the analysis are automatically linked to the analysis. This significantly increases their discoverability and the user-friendliness when searching or filtering.
In addition, the evaluation can now be deleted during an analysis if you make a mistake.
Maybe you have a query list that you only want to change slightly? Then you can now simply copy it using the "duplicate" function.
Optimierung Analysen-Abfrageliste duplizieren

Meaningful standard dashboard

Perhaps you have already noticed that we have adapted our standard dashboard to the requirements of our customers based on feedback so that you have all the information on the screen.
Aussagekräftiges Standarddashboard