Innovations August 2019

New dashboard windows

Several new dashboard windows are available. The user rights are checked and only the authorized dashboard windows are displayed for selection.
Dashboard Deutsch

Fullscreen mode

The fullscreen mode of the analysis and the legal requirement template will now open automatically in a new browser tab.
Analyse Vollbildmodus

Create tasks

When you create a task for an object, the information out of the linked object will be pre-filled. In addition, other fields such as location, departments, etc. will be pre-filled automatically from the original object.
Aufgaben Smartphone

Personalize list views

When saving a list view, the fixed columns will be saved as well.
Spalten fixieren

Performance chart

The performance chart of the respective competence of the employee can be displayed in the evaluation of competences.

Legend of the matrices

In the qualification, activity and competence matrix, the legend can be shown or hidden via an action. By default, it is hidden.
Legende anzeigen


Optimization login with iOS devices (and Safari browser).
In addition, the legend of some dashboard windows is hidden on the smartphone, so that the essential areas are displayed.