Mail2AsiX - user training

Titel: user training mail2AsiX
Date: 03.09.2020
Location: via Zoom - the link will be send after the registration
Time: 8:30 a.m - 9:15 a.m
Speaker: Andreas Wenter
Target group: AsiX users, maintenance employees, IT department, quality officers, environment and occupational safety and management officers
Price: for free
Participants: <20
Entry requirements: Basic knowledge of AsiX and its areas of application
Content: Use AsiX as a user-friendly ticket system within the company and for the communication with customers. We would be happy to explain how it works and the areas of application in the company as well as the advantages (in german).
- Pros and cons of a ticket system
- Function mail2AsiX - A mail becomes a task in AsiX
- Possible areas of application in your company (suggestions for improvement, customer feedback, tickets to IT and maintenance, quality reports)
- Personalization dashboard