Mobile First

A few years ago, the topic of “Mobile First” gained great attention for the first time. This is not surprising, because the use of the internet via mobile devices is increasing and, in the meantime, has already surpassed internet use via desktop PCs. Smartphones and tablets have long since found their way into companies and have become an integral part of everyday work. Therefore, the Mobile First Design of web application such as AsiX has become indispensable.


What does Mobile First mean?


Mobile First can also be understood as a new way of thinking in web design. This development is linked to the increasing use of smartphones and tablets. As the name suggests, Mobile First is a method in which the design of the website is first optimised for the mobile version. Only afterwards, the website is also adapted for devices with larger screens such as notebooks or PC monitors.


Advantages of Mobile First Design


At first glance, it may sound like a big restriction to have only the small display of the smartphone available for visualisation of the layouts. A large amount of information that can be visualised on larger monitors has to give way due to the limited space. On closer inspection, however, there are also some advantages. In the development of applications, it is necessary to focus on the essentials: The layout will automatically become clearer and more user-friendly. All relevant information must be visible at a glance. In addition, the use of mobile devices is not tied to one location. Tasks can be handled on the way. This has proved indispensable in times of global pandemic.


The AsiX team has made it its mission to simplify the use of AsiX and optimize it for mobile devices, as many of the customers use AsiX anywhere, for example on construction sites or in the area of maintenance.

In close cooperation with the users, we try to respond to the wishes and needs in the best possible way and thus continuously improve the product.