Corporate liability

With AsiX preventing corporate offences

AsiX, the management concept 4.0, is an efficient, hands-on, and software-based solution for effective company management. From now on AsiX facilitates assessing the impact of the Italian law D.Lgs. 231/2001 on a company and therefore helps preventing corporate offences.

This law regarding the corporate liability includes 140 offences, which can be committed by employers, managerial staff or superiors. Among them are corporate crimes, involuntary manslaughter and physical injury related to the violation of safety standards as well as environmental crimes. The sanctions for these offences go from heavy fines over the exclusion from public tenders to a forced suspension of the business.

The Law provides an unique possibility for the exemption from the liability – the implementation and use of organisation, control and administration models, which are suitable for the prevention of the respective crimes.

AsiX supports the introduction and the realization of those models. In addition, AsiX users are able to access to the complete list of this corporate offences and can by means of the management software analyse and assess the risks for the own company and counteract appropriately.

For every crime listed in the law, AsiX users can create tasks or start processes as well as administer and store the documentation and the certificates. The list of the offences will be updated continuously in collaboration with the lawyer's office Loner, Bertacchi, Francia & Pomella.