AsiX interfaces

Interface AsiX and Time&Work

The joint customer of SYSTENT (AsiX) and Giovacchini Group (Time&Work) has 160 employees and uses AsiX for the processes in personnel management from the introduction of new employees to training planning and competence evaluation. Time & Work, on the other hand, is used to record working hours and report presences and vacations.
The interface that has now been implemented helps with the data exchange between the two programs and thus guarantees time savings, up-to-date data and legal security. More information.


Interface AsiX and Vendoc

Vendoc is used as an ERP solution and this is how company resources such as customers, suppliers, projects, employees and machines are organized. 
The management software AsiX is used to support compliance, quality and process management and occupational safety, through which the management level has training, occupational medicine, maintenance, legal compliance and the improvement process under control.
This data exchange eliminates the need for redundant data entry and thus leads to a measurable increase in efficiency, an increased quality of the data and thus more legal security for the company. More information.

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In addition, we have already implemented interfaces to Navision, SAP and ILIAS.
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