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AsiX functions

Organization of expiration dates

Organize in a structured way your company expiration dates in AsiX. Whether one-time tasks, contracts or documents, training of employees or periodic maintenance: with AsiX you keep the overview in a simple way.

Managing tasks

You can plan, measure, and actively steer all tasks centrally in your company. Assign tasks to the responsible persons. AsiX distributes these automatically and gives everyone involved an overview of open and upcoming tasks.

Automatic notification via e-mail

No more missed expiration dates or overdue tasks: AsiX issues a notification at the right time, and to the right person. Your processes are thus automatically controlled. Your employees are reminded of the need for action; nothing is forgotten.

Managing documents and notes

AsiX allows you to easily archive your documents in a central repository and in a structured way: If needed, you can also definite expiration dates so that you will be notified about documents expiring in the near future. Information can be found and shared easily.


Bring your company on the road to success by actively shaping processes. All the responsible stay informed thanks to AsiX and will be notified over every process step at the right moment.

Digital signing

All documents and reports can now be published via AsiX and signed digitally via PC, tablet or mobile phone quick, easy, legal valid and without additional software.


Analyse risks and opportunities and document preventive, improvement and corrective actions. You are given a quick overview of results and any resultant action. It requires a systematic approach in order to actively shape the continuous improvement process (CIP) and the whole potential in the company can be exploited. This is supported by AsiX.

Organize reports and templates

Create automated reports based on configurable templates that AsiX fills with current content and distribute them traceable to your stakeholders.

Key indicators

Via dashboards, you can monitor key figures and then generate real-time statistics without any additional effort.

What our clients say

Gernot Hackhofer

" Thanks to AsiX, we have been able to significantly increase our legal security and optimize efficiency. "

Gernot Hackhofer / Elpo

Stefan Rainer

" It has enabled us to quickly obtain an overview of impending tasks, approaching expiration dates, and completed training measures. Additionally, calling up the training plan is as easy as pushing a button. AsiX have shown itself to be the optimal support for our processes. "

Stefan Rainer / Pedross

Irschara Stefanie

" We were looking for a flexible and innovative product providing greater legal security so that we could more-efficiently manage and keep track of health and occupational safety issues. With Asix, we've found the ideal tool! "

Irschara Stefanie / Brunner & Leiter

Simon Tauber

" AsiX is our central tool in the area of work safety. The modules provide a good overview of the various work safety topics and support the users in planning their tasks. "

Simon Tauber / Progress M&A

Werner Raffeiner

" A successful software and recommended for all those who are involved in quality management and have to ensure that business processes and the associated documents and records are available wherever they are needed. "

Werner Raffeiner / Obstgenossenschaft JUVAL

Helga Gilg

" AsiX enables us to optimally monitor the maintenance plan and ensures a perfect documented overview of completed or pending tasks. "

Helga Gilg / Enerpass

Felix Weitgruber

" AsiX is a very useful tool for us. The qualifications as well as the legal maturities of the further education of employees are presented clearly. Tasks and measures can be quickly and easily assigned to the responsible employees and processed. For us, the software definitely brings a lot of benefits. "

Felix Weitgruber / Mivor

Susanne Knothe

" With Asix we have the necessary documentation for work equipment, hazardous substances and employee training in one place. So we always have information at hand and a perfect overview of all due dates. "

Susanne Knothe / Winery Bozen

Ekkehard Böhm

" The program helps us tremendously to process and fulfill the multitude of prescribed, recurring points / tasks in our entire company. Especially I as a leader find it very liberating to know that a software helps to manage all this. "

Ekkehard Böhm / Riesgruppe

Christine Raffeiner

" AsiX is used by us in the areas of occupational safety, accident prevention and personnel administration. Extensive are the requirements in these areas and would not be possible without the support of a management software. "

Christine Raffeiner / Manincor KG

Marco Piccolo

" I recommend the use of AsiX to every company and to all heads of the departments for occupational safety and health to manage occupational safety in the company. The tool was also tested during the company's ISO 45001 qualification phase and was up to the situation, so there was applause from the auditors. "

Marco Piccolo / Exi Spa

Peter Lanthaler

" In our company, the occupational health and safety process is handled entirely with AsiX, as 2-3 clicks are usually enough to store the desired documents clearly and, with correct maintenance, no relevant appointment can be forgotten or overlooked. The internal division of the various tasks is also significantly simplified by the program and is pleasant and easy to handle. "

Peter Lanthaler / Ratschings-Jaufen Ltd.

Martha Aichner

" For our accredited laboratory, we were looking for a way to digitize our forms and checklists. With AsiX, we can implement this and simplify the processing of checkpoints at the same time. It is important that the history is recorded accurately and that it is possible to trace who creates or processes tasks. In addition, we received excellent support from the AsiX team right from the start, which helped us to implement more complex tasks and checklists. "

Martha Aichner / Sennereiverband Südtirol

Andreas Schäfer

" It is very convenient that all important due dates, including documents, are managed in one place. Whether courses, machine documents or risk assessments, there is a suitable module for every category. This means that due dates are not overlooked and the individual items can be presented quickly and easily during an audit. Legal changes are constantly updated and you receive a notification as soon as something is no longer valid. "

Andreas Schäfer / Inoxstahlbau Srl



One task of the management is to deduce specific tasks from complex processes. AsiX is a tool for centrally collecting tasks from analyzes, processes, recruitment procedures, projects, etc. and providing them to employees. They keep track of open, upcoming or overdue tasks and nothing is forgotten. 

  • Dashboards and key indicators
  • Managing tasks
  • Plan of action
  • Processes
  • Automatic notification
  • Management systems and certifications are easy to handle

Aufgaben Smartphone



Compliance with legal requirements is part of the corporate responsibility. Together with partners, we provide you appropriate legal registers and update them regularly.
Support the conformity assessment process with AsiX and always keep track.

  • Legal registers for work safety, environmental protection and corporate offences
  • Regular updates
  • Automatic notification and management of expiration dates
  • Documentation at the push of a button
  • Secure archiving

Überblick Laptop



Use AsiX as a digital personnel file and set target profiles for activities.
Monitor the skills of your employees, in order to recognize further training and continuing education.
At the same time, AsiX assists you in the organization of medical checkups and personal protective equipment as well as in the archiving of aptitude documents, job profiles, appointments and similar documents. With AsiX nothing is forgotten when hiring new employees.

  • Steered hiring and training procedures
  • Activity-specific risk profile
  • Skills assessment
  • Qualification matrix
  • Scheduling trainings
  • Course management
  • Occupational medical checkups
  • Digital personnel files

Laptop Qualifikationsmatrix



Manage your working and auxiliary materials and test equipment and control and monitor the entire qualification process – from initial operation, release, and extraordinary maintenance all the way up to decommissioning.
Deposit operating instructions, maintenance manuals, declarations of conformity, test certificates and other documents in a structured way. On the smartphone, you have all documents available and you can do related tasks straightforward. 

  • Central overview over working and auxiliary materials and test equipment
  • Steered initial operation
  • Service and maintenance schedule
  • Management of expiration dates
  • Documentation at the push of a button

Smartphone Arbeitsmittel



You can use this module to plan your projects and document decisions.
The networking of various company processes allows you to collect all the relevant information and thus concentrate on the essential risks and necessary protective measures.

  • Creation of project documents like the safety and health plan, risk management and other security related documents necessary in Italy (PIMUS, DUVRI)
  • Corporate standard
  • Location-independent access
  • Common database
  • Managing tasks

AsiX Endgeräte



You can generate analyzes on various issues like work safety, corporate risks, environmental protection. Develop measures and integrate them directly into your improvement process. If required, you can generate the required reports on the various hazard and risk analyzes at the push of a button. With regular updates we ensure the legal compliance. 

  • Activity-specific risk profile
  • Standardized procedure
  • Templates for risk analyzes
  • Templates for reports
  • Integration in the improvement process

Smartphone Analysen

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