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What is Asix?

AsiX is an efficient, hands-on, and software-based solution for effective company management. It helps companies in organizing their management and support processes and enhances their agility.

AsiX strengthens precisely those business processes which are fundamental for sustainable company management.


Tapping Potentials and recognizing risks


Explore limits, tap potentials, and recognize and thus avoid risks. 

AsiX provides decisive support in facilitating the timely and systematic recognition of regulations and the monitoring of their compliance.


Indicators of your agility


The control and monitoring of successful implementation is the earmark of successful companies, and are indicators of their agility. You should plan and control the implementation of managerial decisions and maintain a clear overview of responsibilities – thus enabling you to quickly recognize and act to take measures or deal with deviations.

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The basis of company development


Make your employees the basis of your company development and allow them to participate in the process. By cultivating employee developmental processes, you can recognize and promote the abilities and skills of your employees and thus strengthen the foundation of company development.

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Secure individual knowledge


The central organization of managerial tasks, expiration dates, and compliance documentation secures individual know-how, reduces negligence, and permits the reliable availability and monitoring of all relevant information.

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Elimination bureaucracy and saving time


As many (internal and external) employees can work on a single information platform and can access, edit, and record data and information in processes – regardless of their location. This helps eliminate bureaucracy and save time.

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The perfect management solution

AsiX Management Software

Managing tasks

You can plan, measure, and actively steer all tasks centrally in your company. You have direct control, and no task is overlooked (linking)

Supporting processes

Rather than just describing processes, you can actively shape them and place employees into structured workflows.

Automatic notification

No more missed expiration dates or overdue tasks! AsiX issues a notification at the right time, and to the right person. Your processes are thus automatically controlled.

Employee development

Record and develop your employees' skills and qualifications, and lead your company to a more-successful future!

Planning activities

You can plan maintenance activities for your machinery, installations, and materials – and keep informed about their maintenance status.

Document archiving and minitoring

Allows you to easily archive your documents in a central repository. If needed, you can also store expiration dates so that you will be notified about documents expiring in the near future.

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Thats what our customers say

Gernot Hackhofer

" Thanks to AsiX, we have been able to significantly increase our legal security and optimize efficiency. "

Gernot Hackhofer / Elpo

Stefan Rainer

" It has enabled us to quickly obtain an overview of impending tasks, approaching expiration dates, and completed training measures. Additionally, calling up the training plan is as easy as pushing a button. AsiX have shown itself to be the optimal support for our processes. "

Stefan Rainer / Pedross

Simon Tauber

" AsiX ist unser zentrales Instrument im Bereich Arbeitssicherheit. Die einzelnen Module geben einen guten Überblick über die verschiedenen Arbeitssicherheitsthemen und unterstützen die Benutzer in der Aufgabenplanung. "

Simon Tauber / Progress AG

Irschara Stefanie

" We were looking for a flexible and innovative product providing greater legal security so that we could more-efficiently manage and keep track of health and occupational safety issues. With Asix, we've found the ideal tool! "

Irschara Stefanie / Brunner & Leiter

Werner Raffeiner

" Eine gelungene Software und empfehlenswert für all jene, die im Qualitätsmanagement tätig sind und dafür Sorge zu tragen haben, dass Geschäftsprozesse und die dazu gehörenden Dokumente und Aufzeichnungen überall dort, wo sie benötigt werden, auch verfügbar sind. "

Werner Raffeiner / Obstgenossenschaft JUVAL landw. Ges.


" AsiX enables us to optimally monitor the maintenance plan and ensures a perfect documented overview of completed or pending tasks. "

Helga / Enerpass

Felix Weitgruber

" AsiX is a very useful tool for us. The qualifications as well as the legal maturities of the further education of employees are presented clearly. Tasks and measures can be quickly and easily assigned to the responsible employees and processed. "

Felix Weitgruber / OVEG