Digital signing with AsiX

Digitally signing documents quickly, easily and legally

AsiX users can be happy: The digital signing is here and makes it much easier to obtain signatures.

  • No paper
  • No additional software
  • Data Certa
  • Digital signature
  • Multiple signatures on one document

All documents and reports can now be published via AsiX and signed digitally via PC, tablet or mobile phone without additional software. In addition, several signatures can be obtained without tedious back and forth, according to our vision to support the teamwork.

As soon as all signatures have been obtained, the document is given a time stamp and locked so that it can neither be changed nor deleted afterwards (so-called Data Certa). So you can easily present to your employees documents for signature such as the confirmation for the delivery of the PPE without a printer or scanner and thanks to AsiX you always have an overview of which documents have been signed and which have not.