Innovations august/september 2020

Interactive risk analysis

Link the questions of analyzes with the resulting tasks and follow directly and interactively the progress, right up to the re-evaluation of the analysis. In this way, the risk analysis becomes an operational tool.
Aufgabe Verküpftes Objekt Abfrage Analyse

Optimization course list

Get an overview: Now, already in the list of courses you see if for each participant the certificate has been stored in the course and if the qualification has been assigned. This gives you a better overview of the completeness of the documentation.


In addition, you now have the option to filter courses according to assigned qualifications.

Kurse Quali+Nachweis zugewiesen_EN 2

Store images with suppliers and customers

Consistent application is important to us. Now you can also store images in your customer and supplier database for the respective customer / supplier.
Bilder Kunden Lieferanten_EN.png

Organize visit planning by location or department

The locations and departments of the employees are now also displayed in the medical examination list, so you can easily organize medical visits by location or department.
Visitenplanung nach Abteilung und Standort_EN.png

Filter documents and reports by date

If you know when you created a document / report, you can use the option to filter documents and reports by date so that you can find what you are looking for.
Berichte Filtern nach Erstellungsdatum