Innovations January 2020

Check „Qualification assigned“

Now you can easily check whether all courses are assigned to a qualification. In the list of courses, an orange icon appears in the "Qualification assigned" column if the course qualification has not been assigned to all participants.
Qualifikation zugewiessen EN

Optimization analysis module

You can now assign a location, a department, a label, etc. to an analysis. In addition, you can add more images to the analysis in order to have them printed in the reports.
Analyse Standort und Abteilung EN

Complete the task positively and negatively

Changes in the completion of the tasks: It is possible to complete each task positively but also negatively.
Aufgabe OK Nicht OK EN

Completing tasks

From now on, use the function complete in the header to complete a task or to change the status of a task to OK or not OK. Information is also displayed, e.g. who has completed the task and you can add a final justification if necessary.

Aufgabe abschließen EN

Observe Tasks

Use the opportunity to stay informed about the progress of the task. If you activate yourself as an observer in the task, you will always be informed about changes and the current status of the task.

Beobachter Aufgabe EN