Innovations July 2020

Rotation function for pictures

You now have the possibility to rotate the images that you attach in AsiX.

Bilder in Aufgaben drehen 2

Now start reports in the process steps

Use the possibility to create reports in the process steps.

Bericht bei Prozessschritt

Print in reports the checklists of the tasks and processes

If you insert a task/process step with an integrated checklist in a report, you can now also display the checklist in the report in addition to the task.

Checklistte in Berichten

Optimization dashboard - selection between bar, donut and pie chart

In the dashboard, you can now choose between cake, donut and bar charts for all graphics.


Customer-specific reports on tasks related to work materials

Have customer-specific reports configured for the tasks of your work equipment, e.g. to be able to generate a report for internal checks of your work equipment. 

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Kundenspezifischer Report Aufgaben