Innovations june 2020

Additional function: checklists for tasks and processes

Would you like to work through a task using a checklist in order to additionally optimize the workflow in your company? It is now possible to create an associated checklist for defined tasks that can be processed in the task/process step.

User training: checklists for tasks and processes 30.07.2020 16:00-17:30 (online at ZOOM) in german


Legally secure storage of documents with a certified time stamp

Now use the option to mark documents with a time stamp. If necessary, you can check whether the document you saved in AsiX was subsequently changed.
Zeitstempel 3

Deactivate suppliers and customers

Now use the function to set suppliers and customers inactive so that your customer and supplier database in AsiX is always up to date.
Kunden-Lieferanten inaktiv

"Person in charge", "External person in charge" and "observer" in the process template

You can now predefine in the process templates the "person in charge", "external person in charge" and "observer".
Zuständige und Beobachter in Prozessvorlage.png