Innovations may 2020

Change history

You can consult the change history so that you stay informed about the content changes. You can also create a window with the latest updates in your dashboard.
Änderungshistorie EN

Customized report

Do you need a specific report for your company? That is now possible. If necessary, contact us and we can program your report for you.
Kundenspezifischer report EN

Multiple download of files from AsiX

Now you can mark and download several files (documents, images ...) stored in the AsiX at the same time.
Mehrfachdownload Dokumente

Qualification matrix and job matrix now also for the mobile view

You now can access the qualification matrix and activity matrix on mobile devices, in order to be informed about the training and activity status of your employees.
Mobile Ansicht

AsiX history

It is possible to view the entire history. In this way, selected users can analyze the history of each object and understand which user has made which change. You will thus receive a history of your materials, real estate, employees, tasks or projects.

Contact to activate this feature.
Asix Historie2