Innovations october/november 2020

New function „generate QR-Code”

In the objects (materials, employees, locations ...) you can now generate a QR code for each data set in order to be able to call up the data quickly and easily.
QR Code generieren EN.png

New standard reports

Create quickly a standard report from your tasks. Use the option of creating a report from your selected tasks with one click.
Aufgaben Report EN.png

Optimization of training planning

You can now use the option of filtering the training planning according to activities and employee groups so that you can plan courses even more easily and detailed.
Optimierung Schulungsplanung EN

Map processes in reports

Now you can also display the processes that you have created in AsiX in reports.
Prozess im Bericht 2 EN.png

Deactivate locations

One of your locations has been relocated or is no longer active? Now you have the option of setting locations inactive that are no longer required, so that they are no longer displayed, but the information, data and documents on the locations are retained and can be called up if necessary.
Standort deaktivieren EN

Automatically deleted documents when completing a task

When a task is completed, documents are only deleted if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The task has a periodicity
  • The document is marked as a template

Automatisch gelöschte Dokumente EN.png