New interface AsiX and Vendoc

The company Schmidhammer is a joint customer of Vendoc and AsiX and the first customer who has achieved data exchange between the two programs through an API interface.

Vendoc is used as an ERP solution and this is how company resources such as customers, suppliers, projects, employees and machines are organized.

The management software AsiX is used to support compliance, quality and process management and occupational safety, through which the management level has training, occupational medicine, maintenance, legal compliance and the improvement process under control.

This data exchange eliminates the need for redundant data entry and thus leads to a measurable increase in efficiency, an increased quality of the data and thus more legal security for the company.

You can find the full project description here.

Also other interfaces have already been implemented, such as with Ergo, Time & Work, SAP and Navision or will be implemented on request.