With AsiX achieving the ISO 9001:2015 certification

The company Sinfotel, based in Feldthurns, is a service center that professionally accompanies businesses with inbound and outbound telephone services. The board of directors of Sinfotel, decided to implement a management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 within a very short time in order to achieve the certification. For this the company SYSTENT with Andreas Wenter and the company Complete with Sonja Weis were brought in as support. The company Sinfotel recognized the added value of this project beyond the certification, thus laying the foundation for the introduction of an effective software-based management system. With the help of the management software AsiX, the project tasks were distributed and implemented in a targeted manner.

The set schedule was adhered to, as the webbased software solution enables a time- and location-independent access for all project members.

With AsiX processes and tasks are not only documented on paper, but digitized, so that all the parties involved are reminded by the software of their tasks, processes are efficiently controlled and the management has an overview of the status of the tasks and due dates. Legal registers, management reviews, key indicators, employees and their competences as well as analyses are displayed in AsiX fast and simple.

With this, Sinfotel manages to maintain and improve the high quality of the service and to optimize the processes, so that the ground for the upcoming further development were laid. We congratulate Sinfotel on certification and wish a successful future.

Sinfotel Diplom ISO 9001