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Our values


We build on the knowledge, skills and best intentions of the team members. We trust each other and do not abuse this.


We are absolutely loyal to the company.


We recognize the performance of the others and pay attention to the sensitivities of the team members.


We appear punctually for discussions and team meetings and follow the rules of conversation.


Everyone provides their knowledge and expresses their own opinion.


We complete our tasks on time or ask for support in time and we do well-founded research.

Successes and Challenges

We celebrate our successes together, we support each other and encourage ourselves to face challenges.

Thinking outside the box

is welcome


No meeting remains without a result; Decisions are made by consensus.

Job offers

Spontaneous application

There are currently no vacancies in the AsiX team. We look forward to your spontaneous application.

What our employees say about their jobs (video in german only)

Manuel Taber, software developer

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What our employees say about their jobs (video in german only)

Barbara Ungerer, AsiX Support

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