Cyber security for AsiX customers

Every year October is the European Cyber ​​Security Month. The EU wants to sensitize its population to the topic of IT security, to draw attention to the various threats and to provide information on how to protect against them. For this purpose, various events are organized together with the member states, universities and research institutions throughout the month.

The AsiX team also takes IT security and the protection of customer data very seriously. Here is a short extract of what AsiX does:

- The entire data transmission between the customer and AsiX takes place in encrypted form (https)
- No passwords are stored in plain text on the servers
- Regular backups at multiple server locations
- Software components used are updated regularly
- Regular security reviews of the IT security measures are carried out

But AsiX customers can also help to increase cybersecurity in connection with AsiX by:

- not using the same password for several online services
- using a secure password with a combination of letters / numbers / special characters
- using a password manager if you cannot remember all passwords