Innovations march 2020

Templates for tasks

Simply create tasks from a template. Develop a template in your database with pre-filled information such as description, periodicity, label, documents, notes and much more. Use this option to automatically fill a new task with this information so that you or all users use uniform information for the task.



The function of AsiX which converts automatically emails in tasks

Mail2AsiX completes your AsiX ticket system, with which incoming emails are automatically imported as tasks in AsiX.
This allows you to manage and edit centrally suggestions for improvement, customer feedback and much more.
Simply select your email address, set the default settings for the tasks, define the response emails and get started.

Ticket System EN

Real estate management with AsiX

Use AsiX not only for your work equipment but also for your real estate. A lean tool so that you can also collect the data, documents and other information about your property and maintenance centrally.
Simply have your consultant activate the additional module and get started immediately.


Pictures employee

Similar to all other objects, you can now store several pictures with the employee. This means you are even more flexible when it comes to storing information about employees.
Bilder beim Mitarbeiter

Dashboard: warning in advance for expired documents

Now use the "In advance warning" filter on the "Expired documents" card in the dashboard to get an overview of the documents that are due shortly.
Documente in vorwarnzeit