Innovations October 2019

Overview materials

You can now create an overview of the materials in the material list and in the dataset at the touch of a button. You will receive a PDF document in your download area.
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Icon published document

In the document list the column "Published" now shows the number of publications via the icon.
Symbol veröffentlicht

Fullscreen mode

If the tables of a dataset are displayed in fullscreen mode, the linked object is displayed in the title.
Vollbildmodus Anzeige

Notes present

In the list view, a new column "Notes present" has been added and by clicking on the icon you open a dialog window with the corresponding notes.

Links in the tables

The tables now have a direct link to the respective object. Thus, there is the possibility to navigate directly to the linked object.
The link also works for all URL fields in the list views.
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Dashboard windows

A “plus”-button was added to the single dashboard windows, so that a task, a material or similar can be added directly. 
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Documents and notes

Documents and notes can now also be added directly in the list views:
1. Click on the icon or in the empty space in the corresponding cell.
2. A dialog window opens. Any existing files will be displayed and a new file can be uploaded by clicking on the "+".

Dokumente Hochladen