Innovations September 2019

Evaluation in the list view

In order to execute the analyses more effectively, it is now possible to carry out the evaluation of the questions directly in the list view.

Analyse Bewertung

Browse between the datasets

A new action for browsing between the objects was incorporated. This is a general extension so you can browse between any dataset now.
Detailansicht navigieren


The linked object of an analysis can now be changed subsequently, moreover, several objects can now be linked.
Analyse verknüpfen

Customer-specific fields

From now on, additional customer-specific fields can be added for objects (for example employees, materials, projects ...). These fields can also be filtered and searched, and they are also taken into account during export. Just ask your AsiX-consultant or contact us

Training certificates

A new action "Training certificates" has been added to the activities and qualifications. There you can store documents which have to be made available to the employees when they start work.

List of investigations improved

In the medical investigations list, the column "Next appointment" was integrated into the standard view.
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Excel-export of the matrices

Now you can also export the matrices (competences, qualifications, activities) like all lists in Excel.
Exel-Export Matrizen